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Ralph's Indie Show on Radio KC - 3.9.17 playlist:



The Racket - Faded Days

Kyris - Stay The Night

Basement Cat - Times Are Changing

Partisan - Too Late

Cassia - Sink

Made Of Eyes - Wishing Well

Normanton Street - It's Been A While

Ceiling Demons - Capture Karma

True Dat - I Got You

The Travelling Band - Last Night (I Dreamt Of Killing You)

Pete Kosanovich & The Pale Blue Eyes - Sometimes We Laugh, Sometimes We Cry

The Harriets - Harry


Accidents In The Workplace - Love Lights

Calling All Astronauts - Living The Dream

Charlotte Carpenter - Shelter

Verity White - I Don't Care

The Vryll Society - Shadow Of A Wave

Nakamarra - Honey, I

Hydrocele - The Shapeshifter

The Mining Co. - Mountain Fires

The Lottery Winners - Young Love

The LaFontaines - Asleep

China Lane - In Motion

Benbo - I'm A Taker

Broen - Time