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Brian's favourite video this week is a premiere of Monster by Millie Manders and The Shutup.



Millie had this to say about the video which touches on subject matter very close to our collective heart.




"I wrote Monster while I was in the middle of an anxiety attack. I felt like I had a monster behind me and inside of me chaining me down and feeding me all the nasty things you feed yourself  - that you are worthless, pathetic, unloved, alone etc.




I wanted to articulate that feeling somehow; The crippling, debilitating fear that comes with it. The irrationality of it and the confusion. Hopefully I have managed to get that across both sonically and lyrically with this track, and the video."









A review of the video of Monster  by writer, spoken word performer and

mental health advocate Lynn Gerrard.


"Through this video the outstandingly talented and creative Millie Manders has managed to relay a disturbingly accurate description of how it feels to be in the grip of the ‘Monster’ that is an anxiety attack.


I say ‘disturbing’ because, as someone who is host to such a monster herself, seeing that monster exposed so graphically through Millie’s hard hitting and factual experience is a reminder of just how real that monster is and how quickly and unexpectedly its parasitical tendrils can invade any of us at any time as it attempts to dominate and control.


In essence, I absolutely adored this video in all of its truth because not only could I see the monster through Millie’s behaviour I could hear it as Millie’s voice became intermittently darker the more possessed she became and the harder she had to fight.


And that is exactly how it feels to be in the monstrous clutches of an anxiety attack..


In fact, the next time I am struggling to explain to my GP just what I am going through I am going to show her this remarkable video by the unforgettable Millie Manders and I shall simply say “THIS!”.